Online Courses

The Numerology course is an entry level course into the field of Numerology where you will learn how to work out

someone's life path, expression and soul urge. This will give an indepth view on that person's personality. This course also teaches how to work out the energy of a year so that you can use numerology to predict what a certain year will bring. This is an excellent study for furthering the intuition and for understanding people and their actions better.
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Psychometry is the practice of holding an object to read, feel or see an event or a persons energy, this workshop will guide you with your intuition, give you access to connecting to your loved ones and give you the tools to connect with the future, past and present.

This entry level Tarot course will explain in detail all the cards and layouts you will need to give yourself or others a complete reading. If you want to further your intuition and spread your wings into the spiritual field of prediction then this course is for you.