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From an early age Marietta has been involved in working with people. Having an extremely intuitive gift, Marietta started her career in the esoteric field as a psychic-medium. Not only extremely capable of working with the Tarot, runes, astrology and numerology to name a few she has the rare gift of sight, feeling and interpreting various knowledge and visions. However Marietta was pushed for more. She started working on radio in the early 90’s and then in 2004 to 2010 she appeared on a South African tv channel for her popular show “DIE ANDER KANT ” (The other side) This put Marietta on a whole different level and she excelled in her accuracy as well as her talent.

Marietta has always believed that working to empower people  is the way forward.”Its all good and well to give someone a prediction, however if they don’t understand that they are the masters of their own universe they wont understand how to use their own potential and power.”

Marietta started studying in the field of coaching and psychology from 1974 when she studied psychology at university. Courses Marietta mastered in include NLP, Tarot, Numerology, Astrology, Various Relationship courses, as well as Business and Life Coaching, to further herself, grow and stay inspired. Understanding people and their actions has always been a passion.

Marietta is a practicing SCIO practitioner and a TRE (Trauma Release Exercises ) Facilitator as well. “Health, wellness and therapy has been my number one focus and i believe people have so many possibilities that they don’t know how to use.” This belief has pushed Marietta to inspire and educate people year after year.

This site has been a dream of Marietta’s for many years. Teaching without boundaries. Reaching more people and spreading her knowledge.