Spirit Communication: This cd was created to help the individual learn how to make spirit connections
of their own, whether the other side, with angels or guides, this is an excellent "how to" cd.

Astral Travel: We Astral travel mostly when we are asleep, we leave our bodies and visit other dimensions
and levels, this cd teaches one how to Astral travel voluntarily

Living free of Addiction: We all have addictions, whether it is gym, work, chocolates or more dangerous
ones, we have them, this cd focuses on letting those addictions go and dealing with ones emotions.

Leef Jou Geloof: This Afrikaans cd focuses on faith, not in a spiritual sense but rather in not hooking
into fear, living in the moment and trusting the process.

Fit,Trim and Healthy: We all strive for balance and healthy living, this cd is a hypnosis focused
on positive affirmation to get you on the right track.

Attracting Abundance: Abundance means different things for different people, this hypnosis
cd focuses on positive affirmations to attract more abundance into ones life.

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