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NEW ONLINE COURSE – Psychometry Workshop

Great news for all our members, we have just uploaded a new course the Psychometry Workshop, this course teaches you how to take a watch or any jewelry or object and connect you with that energy of the object, whether it is an event or a person who’s energy you want to connect with then this is the course for you. This course is great for beginners who want to learn how to enable their intuition as well as expand on previous knowledge.


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New Additions and Content!

We are very excited to announce that our website has had 2 new additions this week, these additions will be available under the Gold Membership Subscription.

We have added Marietta’s E-Books: The Ultimate Transformation as well as Die Finale Keerpunt, and both can be read via the website or on tablets.

We have also added all our Cds as Audio Self Development Podcasts.

We have just finished filming Marietta’s new course Psychometric for Beginners, and this course will be available with the Gold and Silver memberships from Mid November.

In the pipeline are another two course, Dream Interpretation and From Caterpillar to Butterfly- Self Development Coaching! These two will be avialable under the Gold and Silver Memberships before the end of the year.

For more info on all our products and services please visit the respected sites below.

We are expanding, come join our community TODAY!!

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Julia on – CHALLENGES???? – Staying Solution Orientated!

August was by far THE most challenging month ever!!! 🙂 Im sure there are a few people that can agree with me, not only did we have so many astrological influences that held us back, slowed things down, and made communication and working with technology absolutely impossible, but we also had two very significant eclipses that transformed us and pushed our emotional buttons. I don’t believe anyone who tells me that August did not at some point or another make you look, seem or feel crazy LOL:-)

Thankfully September is here and boy do we have a lot to look forward too, this is great news right, but today I want to stick to what you need to do when facing a month like August, what can you do when you feel down, depressed, defeated and plain crazy, out of control and stuck? Just like I did most of this month?

Well my solution is simple and always fail safe: I always present the CHALLENGE, the problem to myself and then instead of looking at all the negative aspects of this problem, instead of feeling sorry for myself regarding the fact that I CANT CHANGE THIS PROBLEM it is here now, I start looking at how to solve this challenge, even if all that means is to feel better for a few moments. It works every time!

The moment you stop focusing on what you can’t change and you accept the challenge and you reframe your mind to look at how to get around this, solve this or deal with it you will automatically lift yourself into a higher frequency and change, yes you will change, change the way you see it, perceive it and deal with it. It’s a decision.

In life I feel we always run and make 3 types of decisions: We either sit back and stay defeated, play the victim and get stuck in our own comfort zone that’s not comfortable anymore. OR we GET UP< DRESS UP AND SHOW UP! Or like I like to Say: TAKE ACTION< PREPARE / PLAN AND FOLLOW THROUGH!

Changing the state of mind or emotion, by taking action even when defeated we change our frequency which in turn helps us conquer the challenge or problem one day at a time. Which will bring happiness! Solving problems = Happiness.

By accepting things you CAN’T change and taking action to solve the problem another way you will feel more in control and more empowered than just sitting and thinking about the problem over and over…

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Update of MT Love Coaching Site for all our exsisting Members

MT Love Coaching has undergone a major change over the last few months. We decided we wanted to bring you more content and make all our courses and online tv shows available under one manageable monthly subscription.

If you are a member of MT Love Coaching and you have purchased a course before, please contact us as those courses are no longer available under that structure. But you have not lost out.

In return we are going to allocate all previous members of the old site who have purchased a course, 1 month free subscription to view and complete their courses, which will also give them access to the other content available, namely the Numerology Course as well as access to the online tv show Open Mind and the upcoming Awakening Season 2, should you wish to continue with the subscription after your free  month it will be R99 per month.

Please contact: or call 082 5497 924 to make arrangements.

If you are not yet a member and you would like to subscribe to all our content the site is currently available but still in beta mode, so feel free to subscribe and please let me know should there be any bugs or issues:

We are in the process of shooting various free videos for educational purposes and also still busy with Awakening Season 2, however we would really like some input on what courses or content you would like to see more of. We are really wanting to build a strong community of like minded people.

Thank you so much for all your support.

Julia Theunissen

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Open the doors to a new YOU, a new OUTLOOK

“Welcome to your AWAKENING” is your new motto from the moment you take the chance on yourself by taking one of the courses present on this site. The moment you realise that life is more than just eating, sleeping and working your passion for life and what is possible can ignite again, this will change you, drive you to want more, do more and be better. Keeping yourself happy and knowing who you are, what you want and what your needs are, are imperative to your growth your happiness and the start of becoming the YOU, you need and want to be.

Opening this door however will force you to look deep inside, push you out of your comfort zone and force you to finally deal with yourself, the past and the people and circumstances surrounding you. I won’t lie, this journey is not easy, it can be hard, transforming, and uncomfortable, but it is so worth it.

Whether you just want some fun, or you want to further your spiritual knowledge, open your intuition or just learn to love yourself and be the best you, you can be, these course can help you reach those goals.