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Julia on – CHALLENGES???? – Staying Solution Orientated!

August was by far THE most challenging month ever!!! 🙂 Im sure there are a few people that can agree with me, not only did we have so many astrological influences that held us back, slowed things down, and made communication and working with technology absolutely impossible, but we also had two very significant eclipses that transformed us and pushed our emotional buttons. I don’t believe anyone who tells me that August did not at some point or another make you look, seem or feel crazy LOL:-)

Thankfully September is here and boy do we have a lot to look forward too, this is great news right, but today I want to stick to what you need to do when facing a month like August, what can you do when you feel down, depressed, defeated and plain crazy, out of control and stuck? Just like I did most of this month?

Well my solution is simple and always fail safe: I always present the CHALLENGE, the problem to myself and then instead of looking at all the negative aspects of this problem, instead of feeling sorry for myself regarding the fact that I CANT CHANGE THIS PROBLEM it is here now, I start looking at how to solve this challenge, even if all that means is to feel better for a few moments. It works every time!

The moment you stop focusing on what you can’t change and you accept the challenge and you reframe your mind to look at how to get around this, solve this or deal with it you will automatically lift yourself into a higher frequency and change, yes you will change, change the way you see it, perceive it and deal with it. It’s a decision.

In life I feel we always run and make 3 types of decisions: We either sit back and stay defeated, play the victim and get stuck in our own comfort zone that’s not comfortable anymore. OR we GET UP< DRESS UP AND SHOW UP! Or like I like to Say: TAKE ACTION< PREPARE / PLAN AND FOLLOW THROUGH!

Changing the state of mind or emotion, by taking action even when defeated we change our frequency which in turn helps us conquer the challenge or problem one day at a time. Which will bring happiness! Solving problems = Happiness.

By accepting things you CAN’T change and taking action to solve the problem another way you will feel more in control and more empowered than just sitting and thinking about the problem over and over…

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