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Update of MT Love Coaching Site for all our exsisting Members

MT Love Coaching has undergone a major change over the last few months. We decided we wanted to bring you more content and make all our courses and online tv shows available under one manageable monthly subscription.

If you are a member of MT Love Coaching and you have purchased a course before, please contact us as those courses are no longer available under that structure. But you have not lost out.

In return we are going to allocate all previous members of the old site who have purchased a course, 1 month free subscription to view and complete their courses, which will also give them access to the other content available, namely the Numerology Course as well as access to the online tv show Open Mind and the upcoming Awakening Season 2, should you wish to continue with the subscription after your free  month it will be R99 per month.

Please contact: or call 082 5497 924 to make arrangements.

If you are not yet a member and you would like to subscribe to all our content the site is currently available but still in beta mode, so feel free to subscribe and please let me know should there be any bugs or issues:

We are in the process of shooting various free videos for educational purposes and also still busy with Awakening Season 2, however we would really like some input on what courses or content you would like to see more of. We are really wanting to build a strong community of like minded people.

Thank you so much for all your support.

Julia Theunissen

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